WorkIndia Developers

This website is part of which is a platform for connecting blue and gray collar employers to candidates.
Our mission is to provide meaningful livelihood to 236 million workforce in India and eventually to 1.2 Bn workforce

So as far as our journey goes we have been pushing ourselves to produce products which can help us change the
recruitment market. During our attempt we have been doing crazy things to optimize, develop different components
that supports our product line.

So we thought why not create repository of products which might be re-usable of the shelf to people having crazy ideas.

List of Components Developed By Us

Document Parsing API

This Project was intented to parse the resumes collected via WorkIndia Platform for analysis.
It converts pdf, docx, png, jpeg, png into text content.
Basically it extracts textual content from the above file formats.

Currently it support,

  1. PDF
  2. DOCX
  3. DOC
  4. PNG
  5. JPEG
  6. JPG
  7. TXT

Complete Documentation Available on:

Delayed Analytics Loader

This repository contains a demo of how to delay loading analytics on DOM load and queue all the analytics events until analytics is completely loaded.

  1. At workindia we had multiple analytics sdk attached to our website.
  2. We faced issue with DOM load taking longer since analytics library was chocking the data download requests.
    Unfortunately till late we were dealing with 2G network target group and had to be stingy about speed.
    Still there are many things which can be optimized.
  3. So team was asked to do a trade off with first time loading data without analytics.
  4. This meant we loose data points which were getting captured previously.
  5. So we came up with this hack to not loose as much as possible the analytics events and ensure mission critical data being loaded at speed.

Finally, our MOTO has been “What ever does not benefit customer directly is meaningless to him :)”

Complete Document Available on:

Database As Service (BETA)

WorkIndia Syncing Extension is the part of the syncing project used by workindia for syncing data across its servers to mobile applications.
This project intends to extract the part of it from WorkIndia API repository in order to be used as individual entity.
On mobile application have sync adapters to fetch data via HTTP API endpoints.
In order to utilize this project. Below API endpoints are utilized,
Currently no authentication has been implemented but once implemented oauth API KEY and SECRET will be provided and will require client to generate the oauth tokens. Will provide that once we want to go ahead with this.

Complete Document Available on: